Monday, March 25, 2013

Because You Only Live Once

Black Sheer Shirt: NORDSTROM
Striped Cardi: NORDSTROM
Hat: Vintage
Necklace: Flea Market, Melrose Trading Post
Bullet Belt: Thrifted, The Salvation Army
High Waisted Shorts: Rosebowl Flea Market
Knee High Socks: H&M
Sunnies: 80's purple
Black Wedges: Urban Outfitters

I did this shoot a while back, extremely spontaneously, one day when I went on top of a building with my homegirl to check out the sick view of Culver City. I remember asking her to take some photos of my outfit, because I really wanted to start my own blog. I guess I looked really nice this day, considering I did my hair, lol. After seeing the pictures that she took, it made me feel like going for it, 100%. Although this was from a couple months ago, I have continued taking outfit pictures, and have gathered a good collection so far. I will continue sharing these looks on my blog, and at the same time adding new posts. Enjoy! 

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