Friday, October 5, 2012

"If you are, what you say you are, have no fear"

Welcome to my blog! 

This is my very first entry, and I'm so excited about starting another project that is dear to my heart and my dreams!

            My name is Sahar Nessary, I am currently 20 years young, born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Fashion and makeup have always been my passion in life, and that is why I attend FIDM(Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising). Majoring in Beauty Industry Merchandising and Marketing. I am also a server at a Japanese Restaurant/Sushi Bar. 

            My whole idea is to create this blog is to further my journey in pursing the career I want, in the industry I'm trying to get into. I am using this blog as a documentation of my fashion, outfits, style, makeup looks, and other things of interest. 

My Ultimate Goal: 

To Inspire, and Be Inspired. 

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